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I have been using Kelly’s services..

..(he specializes in tree/stump removal) since 2011, and I had been quite happy with his services!  Lately one tree in the backyard became overgrown due to the excessive rain and started to extend over the roof. I called them again for trimming. It's a little urgent since the home insurance spotted it as excess risk and refused to cover me unless I trimmed the branches. Unfortunately, the arborist Jim had come down with a flu so it took them a while to come by for an estimate...

But boy, was it worth the wait!  He gave me reasonable quotes (together with cutting an overreaching branch of another tree) and also trimmed the tree I requested within a couple of days! The results weren't bad but I wanted it trimmed further back with 2 feet of clearance as we discussed this during the quotation meeting. He was very responsible and sent guys back there within a week to trim the tree further. I'm such a happy camper and will be eager to use them again!

Gilbert L. Mountain View, CA February 19, 2019

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We hired the Tree Team, and it was awesome.

They arrived on time, did the work efficiently and well, and cleaned up super clean, at the price they said, hire them everytime!

Russell J. Palo Alto, CA October 11, 2019

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Am so pleased wit the tree team.

They arrived right on time( 8 am)..got rid of my very dead tree, roots and all. Delivered new tree. installed and done by 11. Throughtout  the time leading up to this the office staff has been great. Do recommend them to all...not a bad price, either!

Dale B. San Jose, CA December 13, 2019

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